The Art of Body Piercing
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The Art of Body Piercing takes the reader step-by-step through the body piercing process, from finding a piercer, choosing correct jewelry, caring for new and healed piercings and answers the common and not-so-common questions that arise about body piercing. This book has received Editor's Choice and Rising Star Awards.
A lot of questions arise when it comes to body piercing: 

Where is the best place to get pierced at? 
How do you take care of your piercing? 
What should you do if your piercing is irritated or not healing correctly?
Which type of metal/jewelry is best for new piercings?
What gauge, and length or diameter should you be pierced with?
How long does it take for the piercing to heal?
What types of jewelry and what size can you wear in your healed piercing?
What type of care solution is best for a new piercing?
How do you change your body jewelry and when can you change it?
Surface Piercings vs. Micro-Dermal Anchors - what's the difference?
Is it safe to get a piercing when you are pregnant?
Are Piercing Guns safe for ear piercing?
What is the best method for stretching ear lobes?
How old do you have to be to get a piercing and do you need parental consent?

There are several books available to choose from about body piercing, but which one will give you the information you are looking for?  

I started body piercing in 2000 and since then, have done over 7,500 piercings and overseen thousands more.  I have trained a lot of body piercers, and over the years have tried and tested all kinds body jewelry, tools, and aftercare solutions, in order to find the best method, highest quality jewelry and the best tools for use in body piercing.

My stores which have been located in Las Vegas, Bellingham, Washington and currently in Spokane and Seattle, have done over 90,000 body and ear piercings.

​One thing that has been consistent over the years is that education in this field never stops. It is important for the piercer to educate the person they are piercing, so they have the best experience possible.  This is also one area I have found to be missing in the body piercing industry, which is what led me to write this book and share the information that anyone with body piercings, or is thinking about getting pierced, or is a body piercer or thinking of becoming a body piercer, could have.

There are other books out there about body piercing, but I could not find one that covered all of the areas of body piercing that everyone needs to know. Either the information was too general or too technical, or in some cases, incorrect, and did not cover the entire scope of the subject.