The Art of Body Piercing
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What are the Most Popular Body Piercings?

​For years, we had the most requests to do belly button piercings.  Over the years there has been great improvement in the jewelry available for the belly button piercing.  We have seen titanium body jewelry become more mainstream, which is exciting for those who have nickel allergies - trace amounts of nickel are found in surgical steel body jewelry and the body tends to accept titanium better - it is the least reactive metal to the body - which is why it is used in knee, hip and dental implants.

Then we started having more requests for lip piercings!  Maybe because so many already had their belly buttons pierced, they were on to the next favorite.  There are lots of options for lip/labret jewelry, from hoops to horseshoes, to labret bars, titanium and steel.  The snake bite and spider bite piercings have become very popular!

What do we get the most requests for these days?  The nose piercing!  And the nose piercing has more options for jewelry than other piercings - nose screws, nose pins, nose bones, L shapes, retainers, captive hoops, and hoops that remain partially open for easy insertion and removal - the choices are endless.

One of the things I love the most about the nose piercing is that people of all ages are comfortable getting it.  We have so many women taking the step to get a piercing they have wanted for years.  We have done nose piercings on ladies in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s - and they all say the same thing - that they have wanted it for so long, but thought they were too old to have it done.  These ladies are young at heart!