The Art of Body Piercing
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How Long Does It Take for a Body Piercing to Heal?

The initial jewelry that you are pierced with should be left in until your piercing is completely healed. The jewelry that is used for the piercing should be longer (barbells) or larger diameter (captive hoops) than you will wear after the piercing is healed - this is to allow for swelling.  It is the body's natural healing response to swell after the piercing.

If you try to change the jewelry too soon - before the body piercing is completely healed, it could irritate the piercing, causing it to swell and risk losing the piercing.  The piercing may look and feel healed, but on the inside, it is still healing.

Below is a guide of how long it takes the average body piercing to heal.  For some, it may take longer, as everyone's body heals differently.

How long to wait after getting pierced, before changing jewelry:

Belly Button - Four to Six Months
Nose - Six Weeks
Eyebrow - Four Months
Tongue - As soon as the swelling goes down. Approximately Two weeks
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All Lip Piercings: Labret / Marilyn Monroe / Medusa - Three Weeks
Septum - Six Weeks
Ear Piercings:  Six Weeks.  For Some, cartilage and industrial piercing may take long than six weeks to heal